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With the purchase of your Triefield meter we now include a user guide by Geovital Academy because the original instruction manual does not give people the confidence they are using or reading the Trifield meter correctly. With this user guide you will be confident using your Trifield Meter.

Electro Pollution - Electrosmog - EMF's

There have been many studies done about the effects of electro magnetic fields and their effects on people and animals. What is presented here are some statements and findings of others. You can research this subject easily yourself and some interesting links are provided to give a starting point.

Summary of limits found

Magnetic Fields
1 mG: Up to 1 mG (milliGauss) is considered normal.
2 mG: Draft report by the US National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) recommended a 2 mG exposure limit. They concluded that evidence suggested EMF exposure could block normal biological processes with significant implications for human health.
3 mG: 3 mG is considered the maximum biological norm, above which you would double your chances of cancer with extended exposure (8hr per day)
4 mG: Prolonger exposure to 4 mG would double the chance of childhood leukeamia and to childeren with the disease recovery is considerably lessened if their home environment has EMF levels over 2 mG.
4 mG: in 2002 a Queensland judge ruled that a proposed substation next to a residential area should not exceed a 4 mG level based on "research now available".
10 mG: 2007 review concluded that powerline EMF's were a risk factor for breast cancer with long term exposure of 10 mG and higher.
12 mG: Research showed 12 mG renders Melatonin and cancer drugs ineffective in studies related to breast cancer.



Please educate yourself and read the facts from people with authority in these area's.

GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection especially for research links and what is important for mitigation of EMF.