AMS Magnetic Field Therapy

How it works and what all devices are for.

Ever organism on earth (that includes people) evolved to magnetic signals of the earth and that part of the solar radiation that is able to penetrate our atmosphere. These signals are of great importance to internal regulation of the organism.

Some examples of this are the little animals that Dr Faraday put in the famous Faraday's cage... they got 'everything they needed to live, like water, food, warmth and light... but were deprived of the signals from outside. In a very short time, many of them died. Another example of this is is the health issues that astronauts encountered whilst being on manned satellites, until NASA, based on the work of Dr Ludwig (the father of magnetic field therapy and the designer of the AMS devices) made a device to reproduce the signals normally experienced on earth and the astronauts had no more of those problems.

dog cat natural magnetic field therapyThese natural signals are often distorted by our modern way of living. The power grid, electrical appliances, mobile phone's, mobile phone towers, Satellite signals, TV broadcast stations, tall buildings, asphalt, draining pipes and more are responsible for us not getting the signals we have evolved to. The immune system suffers because of this.
Our devices reproduce these natural signals (which are only weak in strength) and just from being exposed to them the organism's immune system is strengthened. This is just one benefit of our devices.
NOTE: Magnetic field therapy is absolutely not the same as therapy with magnets! Magnets have a far stronger signal and it is constant. The body doesn't have any constant signals and therefore has to interpret the signals of a solid magnet as a stress signal. This can produce responses which in the short term feel beneficial, like the release of adrenalin, but, according to the research of Dr Ludwig, are not good for you in the long term. Sadly the hype about magnetic field therapy has been marketed over years into the idea that magnets are somehow good for you. Once you understand the efforts and research that Dr Ludwig put into his devices to ensure the signal was in line with the signals in nature and within the body, you will see how a permanent magnet can not produce a natural healthy reaction.

Other abilities and benefits of AMS Magnetic Field Therapy come from the fact that the frequency of the magnetic field can be varied. There has been much research done over many years to find the beneficial frequencies for all kinds of physical issues in animals. Every part of an organism operates at an ideal frequency and when it is ill that frequencies changes. By exposing that part of the organism to the frequency it normally makes when its healthy, an attention signal is given which stimulates the healing process. If the wrong frequency was set, that part of the potential benefits just has no effect. There is however a basic therapy setting which scans through all frequencies (1000Hz to 1Hz and effectively harmonics up to 10MHz) to make sure the frequencies that might be beneficial are addressed. Many therapists find great benefit with just this program and don't bother with set frequencies. Treatment Areas

Finally, another major benefit and ability of our devices is that the frequencies of anything you want can be incorporated within (transmitted with) the magnetic field and thereby applied to every cell. Think of homeopathic remedies, (bach) flower remedies, etc. Or frequencies can be incorporated to increase that resonance effect I mentioned earlier. Here it becomes 'information' for the body. You could use things like Nosodes, liquids from the animal (urine, sweat, tears, earwax, stool sample, blood and others) or substances the animal has issues with (dust mites, pollen, foods, etc). This increases the resonance effect with the bodies own signals and makes the therapy more effective or allows you to apply a remedy to every cell in the therapeutic field.

The end result is that there are numerous levels on which the organism is stimulated to heal itself which has shown to be very effective and without side effects.

magnetic field therapy for horses, cats dogs and other animals

medisend super 3 magnetic field therapy for animalsSetting up for Treatment of your animal

Your practice device runs on a rechargeable installed battery pack. This is handy so you can use it and give therapy almost anywhere, but it is actually essential because if the device was plugged into the power grid you would be transmitting all the no good frequencies that come from that. You set your practice device up somewhere (maybe consider putting it in a case) with the magnetic field applicator plugged into it. This could be the Magneto-Loop that comes with the MediSend Super and Super C, the Magneto-Ring that comes with the MediSend Super 3 which produces a high quality magnetic field because of 9 iron cores install inside the applicator, the 2 direction inductors supplied with the MediSend Super 3 which produce the highest quality field (each with 9 iron cores) or you could use a pair of animal applicators (sold separately).

AMS magnetic field therapy applicators for use with organisms

Secure your applicator near or on the animal and remember the magnetic field is like a sphere around your applicator or shaped to your design between the two direction inductor of the MediSend Super 3. The field will travel through metal and glass (everything is 99.9% electro magnetic fields anyway) so you could even treat animals behind glass or in a cage without having to place the applicator in their reach. It is better however to have close contact with less materials within the field.

Medicup for frequency transfer Medicup for frequency transfer

You preferable have a MEDICUP attached to your practice device for incorporation of substrate transients, frequencies of remedies, nosodes or patients own liquids (blood, urine, tears earwax etc) as information within the therapy. If the organism had a cold, you would try and include mucus in the MediCup. If it was an ear problem, then earwax would be preferable. etc

magnetic field animal applicator for horses and other animalsWith larger animals it is preferable to have a pair of animal applicators connected to your device not as applicators but as receivers that pick up the signals from the body. (our animal applicator can be used for 2 purposes) On a horse you could attach one to each leg for instance as they have to be applied symmetrically. This will help align the signals of the device with the signals of the body and increase the so important resonance effect and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Turn on the device and typically start with an automatic frequency scan from 1000Hz to 1Hz to cover all basis. 1 session is 7.5minutes with the MediSend Super 3 and 15min on the MediSend Super and Super C. After basic therapy you could select a frequency from the manual which shows a list of frequencies used for veterinary purposes which have shown effective by other users. For those with abilities in EAV or dowsing, you could use your skills to find a frequency that gives the best affect with the organism.

The patient wont feel anything most of the time. People have reported feeling small sensations in the area being addressed but nothing considered uncomfortable. Treatment Areas

Often the magnetic field therapy will start a detoxing effect, so make sure the patient has plenty of water to drink so the body has liquids available to get rid of the toxins.

Using the visual spectrum of solar radiation that organisms are dependant on - Photon (Colour - Light) Therapy

The benefits of therapy with light has been well documented. AMS recently developed the COLOR-Light which takes photon therapy to a whole new level. The COLOR-Light can be used a stand alone device and over 1000 shades of colours can be dialled up. If you have EAV or dowsing abilities you will be able to dial up the exact shade of colour with the best effect or go by a charts with the known benefits of each colour. Modulated within the light is the spectra of frequencies of the 64 trace elements in the earths crust, which Dr Ludwig found increased effectiveness dramatically with a proper Yin Yang balance of 'Sun' signals (light from above) with earth signals (trace elements from below).
(The same 64 trace elements are found in red blood cells.)

Interlinked with an AMS practice device the stimulation of the patient can be taken to a whole new level. Not only are the frequencies given with the magnetic field, solar frequencies in the non visual range are now also applied by the COLOR-Light and the light out put of the COLOR-Light is modulated with the frequencies you selected for treatment. Hereby stimulation with the set frequency now also is applied through the photons, a truly amazing combination.

The COLOR-Light has already sold very well to Veterinarians, especially in Germany. It works perfectly when facing cages the animal might be in.
For more information on the COLOR-Light and colour photon therapy, please visit it's product information page.

Using the AMS ComSystem, WAVETRANSFER and BIOWAVES in conjunction with your AMS Practice Device

Wavetransfer ComSystem Biowaves copy remediesThe AMS ComSystem is a software program that offers a database to keep track of patients. It also allows you to operate the setting and selections of a MediSend Super 3 or the MediSend Super C so you can set it up and run it from your PC. It functions as the portal for the use of BIOWAVES which you can purchase from us. BIOWAVES are digitised signatures of remedies, nosodes and many other substances that you can use in treatment or testing. The AMS ComSystem can transmit these BIOWAVES to your MediSend Super 3 or C as if the actual material/substance was in the MediCup! Imagine trying to collect and store 3500 substances when you can just have them on your hard drive.

wavetransfer copy homeopathics flower remediesThe WAVETRANSFER completes the picture. It can copy and store frequencies of anything you put in one MediCup and transfer it to the other MediCup. For example, if you put 'rescue remedy' in it, you could copy an endless amount of the one original. You can also amplify the signal or invert its frequencies which helps desensitise organisms from intolerance to the original substance.
The WAVETRANSFER C is in addition able to digitise and communicate with the AMS ComSystem so you can create and store your own BIOWAVES, call them up at anytime in the future for use in treatment or to reproduce a remedy. You can even email them to co-workers or friends with an AMS ComSystem so they can us it.


The CEPES-Laser

treatment of dog with CEPES red light laser with mangetic fieldFor many years Dr Ludwig and experienced Vet's had set the goal to develop a Laser which combined proven treatment types in one device, which is simple to use and gave excellent value for money. The result was the CEPES-Laser! The CEPES-Laser offers three treatment types: Red-light-laser - Pulsating Magnetic Field - Substrate Transients (transmission of frequencies similar to a MediCup).

cepes red light laser for magnetic field therapy

1 + 1 + 1 = 3 - Our CEPES-Laser gives you more. Its red light photon therapy to the power of three!
If you use all three treatment-types at the same time, you archive highly effective synergistic effects! The CEPES-Laser brings local and systemic effect together, therefore it outmatches each needle-treatment in the long run and it is significantly cheaper. The build in magnetic field has a penetration of approx 30cm so you are treating much deeper than the laser can reach.

The Red Light has earned its place in animal care and is especially well know in equine circles. The CEPES-Laser used the red light also, but is so far beyond a simple red light and should be a standard tool for every Vet, animal owner and trainer.

magnetic field The CEPES-Laser come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee (some simple conditions apply) and have a 2 year warranty. For more information on the CEPES-Laser, please visit it's product information page.

Hand held and small devices

AMS makes a superior range of small hand held devices. Fitted with preset frequencies with particularly useful effects and some even with a frequency scanning ability. Their therapeutic field varies in size, most are about 80 to 60 cm in diameter, therefore they can be placed on the animals collar, in bedding with the animal when ill or at night or attached to cages as long as the field reaches the patient. Some are set up to reduce pain, most have a 3 Hz option which works relaxing and sedating, 7,8 Hz which supports well being and energizes drink and watery foods and there are many other frequencies.

medicur metronom medisend magnetic field therapy (animals)

magnetic field Sturdy build and with normal batteries inside which last surprisingly long and are easy and cheap to replace by you. Most have the ability to attach a glass ampoule so remedies can be incorporate and applied by the magnetic field. The Metronom C is also able to have uploaded into it a digital BIOWAVE from MediSend Super C or 3 with the AMS ComSystem software. This BIOWAVE can then when wanted be incorporated into the magnetic field by the push of a button. Hand helds are used privately but are also perfect for a therapist who wishes to leave a hand held device with an animal owner for use between appointments.

These small devices come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee (some simple conditions apply) and have a 2 year warranty.

So as you can see, it is a complete and well thought out system. Any part will serve you well on its own, but often people expand their AMS device range to benefit from the synerzistic effects of a more complete system. We understand you could be sceptical, thats why the Satisfaction Guarantee gives you a great oppertunity to try it risk fee. And just remember, this can not be a placebo effect, that doesnt exsist with animals.

Please call us for more information, we love to hear from you.

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