Medisend Protect

Medisend Protect Laptop Shielding

Advanced Medical Systems GmbH in Germany has developed a unique tool to shield you from Electronic Pollution of PC / Laptop.


Geovital Academy
Home & Office assessment for Geopathic Stress and Electronic Pollution.

30 Year experience in making homes healthier.

76% of chronically ill people recover to good health with Geovital shielding solutions in place. University of Konstanz doctor study.

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We always welcome those who get certified by our academy to work with us and expand our nation wide network of Geovital assessors.
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Shield yourself from the weakening feeling of electromagnetic radiation at work with an AMS MediSend

Radiation of electrical equipment is not good for you. It also distracts the body with foreign signals, to which it will waste lots of energy to try and fight it off in vain. This can easily be shown with a 'muscle test'. The AMS MediSend is small enough to be worn under your uniform and provides your body with a reproduced natural signal to lock onto instead. Leaving you feeling like you should.

See our hand held devices for more information on the MediSend

TriField Meter Measurements Video's

This footage was taken in Australia.

Electro Magnetic Radiation in the work place

This video shows just a few examples of readings taken in work places that you or your patients could spend a lot of time in. For levels found to be hazardous to health see the Pollution levels & Information page (but in short anything above 3mG is bad news).


Get yourself a TriField Meter now. Find out what you, your family or patients are exposed to and take control.

Trifield Meter cases availableJust $229 incl GST plus $10 postage (in Australia).
Add a carry case for just $49 more. (no extra postage)

Free Trifield Meter user guide by Geovital AcademyThe original instruction manual that come with the Trifield meter is a little small and more technical than anything else. Geovital Academy, who train people in making professional assessments of properties, have developed a small Trifield Meter user guide with hands on tips and ticks on how to use the Trifield meter, what to measure and look out for, what levels to be aware of etc etc. It is easy to operate the Trifield meter, but with this user guide you will also have confedence that you are using it correctly. When you purchase your Trifield meter from us it is included FREE OF CHARGE.






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