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MEDISEND PROTECT - a replica of undisturbed nature

Shielding from Electronic Pollution of PC & Laptops
by the smallest Magnetic Field device in the world.

MEDISEND®protect looks like a memory stick and is the world’s smallest magnetic-field device. It is operated via any USB port on your PC / Mac / laptop (but also via a USB port 3.0).

MEDISEND®protect generates an electromagnetic field of 7.8 Hz – the so-called main inherent value or fundamentals of the Schumann-frequency spectrum, which is taken from and based on nature. In contrast to all other magnetic-field devices on the market, MEDISEND®protect also generates the geomagnetic-frequency spectrum so the effectiveness does no reduce with long term use.

In addition, the Schumann-frequency spectrum of 7.8 Hz is modulated with a frequency of 1.2 Hz. This frequency has also proved to be highly effective against electrosmog (particularly cellphone radiation).
The effective range of the MEDISEND®protect is approximately 80 cm in diameter. There are no time stipulations for its use. Make it easy for yourself: When working on your PC, Mac or laptop, simply plug your MEDISEND®protect into a free USB port. (It could even be used in a car if you obtained a cigarete-lighter-to-UBS adaptor. Not included)
60 Day Satisfaction GuaranteeBecause the MEDISEND®protect only is supplied with power through the USB port, no problems whatsoever are encountered with other user programs, drivers, operating system versions, service packs, etc. The MEDISEND®protect also operates under MAC, LINUX, DOS etc. and does not use up any system resources

Electrosmog disrupts our endogenous “bio-currents”!

Therefore don’t wait until your organism reacts sensitively to electrosmog. Seize the initiative promptly with MEDISEND®protect: Do something positive for yourself and for your family members and pets!

MEDISEND®protect provides you with personal protection while you are working on your PC / Mac / laptop at work, at home, in your leisure time or while commuting. Depending on your personal electrosmog sensitivity, continuous electrosmog radiation can cause a whole host of different sensitivity disorders – brought about by working for hours on end on a computer / laptop / notebook in conjunction with LCD displays, cathode ray tube monitors, “dedicated lines” incl. headsets and so on.

A modern workstation in the office and at home is packed full of electrosmog sources. You sit in the middle of it all between the computer, laptop, fax machine, telephone, photocopier and printer, you want or have to be constantly contactable and carry a headset, a cellphone and a beeper strapped directly to your body; the radio is on and you work under fluorescent lights; you use energy-saving light bulbs, sit in an office chair and at an office desk with metal parts; near your office is a cellphone mast, WLAN and Bluetooth ensure high-speed data transfer and with a flat rate you are permanently online.
Also your children go online when they come home from school. Anybody who wishes to belong to the community must always be connected online to the “outside world”: Researches for homework, researches for seminar papers, Facebook and Twitter demand answers, friends require intensive “communication updates” via e-mail, fixed network or smartphones – everything is done online.

You are exposed day in day out to “electrosmog”, a frequency mixture of different electromagnetic fields (EMF) and waves. Electrosmog is inevitably generated through the use of electricity and mobile communication. If all this doesn’t apply to you, you are still exposed to the possibility of being subjected to intensive amounts of electrosmog by your neighbors.
More and more people experience sensitive reactions to electrosmog; particularly if they are constantly exposed to it. This is also referred to in colloquial terms as “electrosmog sensitivity”.
Electrosmog and its effects are assessed very differently. The discussion ranges from “pure panicmongering” to “playing down of serious expert reports”.

We can only offer you the following advice:
Listen to your inner workings – listen to your “inner doctor”!

Observe for yourself how you react to electrosmog. Insomnia, exhaustion, constant headaches, tenseness, and reduced productivity at work can be the first serious symptoms of increasing electro-sensitivity. Studies and practical experience indicate that electromagnetic fields can affect the hormone balance, the immune system and the body’s biorhythm. Therefore caution is advised.

Is effective protection possible?

Of course! Many different products – both serious and dubious – against electrosmog are available on the market. There are demonstrably different remedial measures available, ranging from personal protection through to the screening of rooms and houses.

Electrosmog disrupts our endogenous “bio-currents”!

Your personal protection at work and at home against a multitude of different sensitivity disorders.

Children - teenagers in particular - often sit for hours on end in front of their computers, at the same time chatting on their cellphones or a cordless phone, and listening to music through their earphones.

Not only bring support to yourself and your family members against electrosmog, but also specifically encourage your own regulation capability and the regulation capability of your loved ones.

Item # AMS100
Price AU$198 incl GST (Plus $10 insured postage Australia wide)

Email is the easiest way to order your Medisend Protect. Email us how many you would like, your delivery address, contact details and your prefered method of payment (Bank Transfer, Visa or Mastercard). We will them contact you to organise payment.
Alternatively you could of course ring us and place the order directly.

What are the three “Biological Normals”?
Why are they essential for good health?
Schumann-, geomagnetic- and solar-frequency spectra

The importance of these three natural environmental signals is proven by the research and development work carried out more than 40 years ago by the internationally recognized Dr. LUDWIG® independently and in cooperation with NASA (Prof. PERSINGER) and the Max Planck Institute (Prof. WEVER). During the first manned space flights the astronauts suffered serious physiological problems. For this reason, today’s manned satellites are fitted with “frequency generators” which generate natural Schumann- and (!) geomagnetic-frequency spectra in balanced proportion. This technical know-how – developed by Dr. LUDWIG – is packed into your small MEDISEND®protect. In his research and development work he respected the millennia-old knowledge of ancient classical Chinese medicine: “Man needs at least two environmental signals, a Yang signal from above (Schumann frequency) and a Yin signal from below (geomagnetic frequency), which should be in equilibrium.”

The three Biological Normals: principles – function – application

Throughout his life Dr. W. LUDWIG studied biophysical interactions in the biological system. Based on his findings he developed more than 40 years ago pulsating magnetic-field devices which generate an electromagnetic alternating field which is read from undisturbed nature and reproduced in the correct ratio. His first pocket-sized magnetic-field device was named MEDISEND® – it is still available in a modified form on the market and is referred to affectionately by thousands of satisfied customers as “Little Ludwig”. In undisturbed nature there are signals which are bioenergetically important to humans beings: Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies.
See the illustration below; for further information, see also:

MEDISEND®protect generates – like the MEDISEND® – two Biological Normals:
Schumann-Waves and Geomagnetic-Waves

Schumann Waves

The Earth’s surface is surrounded by the ionosphere at an altitude of approx. 100 km. Like in a musical instrument (e.g. violin), natural resonances occur in this huge cavity resonator.
These natural resonances are known as Schumann frequencies after their discoverer, physicist W. O. Schumann. The fundamental component is 7.8 Hz. The main command center of the human brain, the hippocampus / hypothalamus vibrates at the same frequency of 7.8 Hz; this area of the brain is important for attentiveness and concentration. Is this coincidence or evolution?

Geomagnetic Waves

The earth’s crust contains 64 elements which are vital as the so-called trace elements. Each of these trace elements possesses its own characteristic type of vibration. The earth’s magnetic field is influenced or modulated by these vibrations, the resulting modulation being known as geomagnetic waves (see illustration below).

The earth crust contains the same essentially vital mineral material („trace elements“) as those existing in the red blood corpuscles of humans. The relation among one another in the earth crust as well as in the blood is nearly the same.

Hippocampus: Area of the brain on both sides behind the eyes. It is responsible for the attention and concentration capabilities and also plays a role during sleep and dreams -> increased activity. The electromagnetic signals (or brain waves) of the hippocampus in all mammals have a frequency of 7.8 Hz resonating with the main inherent value of Schumann waves.
The brain continuously produces electromagnetic signals (EEG). The following different signals are produced (in order of frequency): delta waves (1 – 3 Hz), theta waves (4 – 7 Hz), hippocampus waves (7.8 Hz) alpha waves (8 – 13 Hz) and beta waves (14 – 30 Hz).

Solar Waves

For the sake of completeness, we refer at this point to a third natural source of important signals, which come from the Sun. The Sun emits not only light that is visible to us, but also a wide spectrum of low frequencies well into the ultraviolet and X-ray ranges. In particular, it is the frequencies in the ultra-short wave range of this spectrum which resonate with the cellular building blocks in the organism (see illustration below).

The small devices MEDICUR®, METRONOM solar and MEDICUR®color generate, in addition, also the solar frequency.
Find out about our small and hand-held devices:

Seize the initiative!
Do something positive for yourself and your family members!
See Other Hand Held Devices

Today these natural signals are on the one hand weakened and on the other hand superimposed, i.e. disrupted, by harmful environmental signals (e.g. technical transmitters / electrosmog / cellphone radiation, etc.). This weakening is caused firstly by the screening effect of buildings (the higher the frequency into the light range, the bigger the weakening), and secondly by a lowering of the groundwater level compared with earlier and thus gives rise to reduced electrical ground conductance (regulation of rivers, pumping out of groundwater by business establishments, drainage, asphalting, etc.).

Important for You!

Only the magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig produce a biologically-active electromagnetic field which accurately mimics and correctly correlates to these naturally-occurring energies. On activation, they emit these frequencies via a coil.

Therefore please look for the arrow symbol. It is an international trademark and proof of high quality.

Technical Data

Weight: 15 g
Length: 70 mm
Wide: 20 mm
Height: 12 mm
MEDISEND®protect operates with any USB connection at the PC / Mac /laptop; compatibly to USB V1.0, V1.1, V2.0 and V3.0.
MEDISEND®protect generates a frequency of 7.8 hertz (Schumann-frequency spectrum) which is overlaid from 1.2 hertz, as well as the geomagnetic frequency spectrum.


With effect from the date of purchase we grant you a 2 year warranty for the device, presuming correct use.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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