AMS Magnetic field devices

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In order to meet the legal requirements, we give the following reference: In general, all magnetic field devices are scientifically disputed and not recognized by conventional medicine.

Practice devices basically allow you to set the frequencies you feel would bring about the right attention signal to stimulate the self healing process and boost the immune system. With the large effective field of the practice devices the whole body can be addressed! Frequencies are well known and surprisingly detailed. Dr Ludwig had a great hand in this research and also frequencies of CLARK and Royal RIFE have found to beneficial by many therapists all over the world.

Many details have been perfected to ensure the body is 'spoken to' in its own 'language'. For example the fact that the magnetic fields of our devices are made to incorporate of the 3 biological standards (Schumann waves, Solar Waves and Geomagnetic waves which are unique to Dr Ludwig's work and AMS) to create a true YIN-YANG balance and the pulse shape was found to be very important for the body to recognise it. The system can then be made even more effective by fine tuning it by incorporating the bodies own signals to achieve resonance. This is easily done by a pair of hand grips which should not be missed as an optional accessory to any practice system.

Beyond this, the signals of the bodies own substances or homeopathic remedies can be included by us of a MEDICUP. This concept you may have seen before, however the know how of electro magnetic fields and electro magnetic pollution clearly shines through in the design of the MEDICUP by Dr Ludwig / AMS. The MEDICUP is made out of one piece of aluminium, shaped and then split to ensure a even balance on both sides. The 'walls' make sure virtually no electro magnetic pollutions which present in any place of work is incorporated into the generated magnetic field. A minor detail of significant importance, which is just not thought of by other manufacturers that work with oscillations in substances. This is equally important when reproducing remedies, which we can do with our WAVETRANSFER.

The WAVETRANSFER is device for the transmission and duplication of substrate oscillations without electromagnetic pollution. Either as a stand alone device! OR as part of a C generation practice device. With the AMS Comsystem the WAVE TRANSFER C can even store the oscillations on your own computer system for later use. You can even share them (email them) with fellow users in your company or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Now imagine the benefits of Bio Photon Therapy or Colour Therapy. The COLOR-Light by AMS can produce over a 1000 shades of colours, white and has a 'auto rainbow' function and all adjustable in intensity from low to high, by which the subject will need to keep their eyes closed, its that bright! True to Dr Ludwig's findings of the importance of proper balance (Yin-Yang) a signal from above (light) is balanced by a signal from below. This comes in the form of modulation of the light with the geomagnetic frequencies of the 64 trace elements which Dr Ludwig found in the earths crust. Making the signals to the body so much more acceptable.

The COLOR-Light works as a stand alone device, but when interlinked with an AMS practice device the COLOR-Light is pulsing at the frequency set on the practice device. This combined with the simultanious exposure to the magnetic field with the Schumann frequencies and the remaining solar frequencies not in the visible range, completes the stimulation to a whole new level.

It's easy to see how the AMS system is so complete and well thought through.


MEDISEND SUPER III - The Indumed of now and the future!


The most accurate, effective and versitile magnetic field, bio-resonance and regulative instrument available in the world.
Dr Ludwig's master piece.

MEDISEND super III stands for a completely new system communication!
Now available with digital data interface and the operating hardware (available as option)

Analog/digital system-communication!

… is multifunctional, handy and easy to use but still offers  “everything in a single  system“
… has a “PD“ connection for  “loading“ the  new METRONOM C with bioinformation*  for individual home use.**
…is the best we can offer you. It fulfils the highest quality demands!
…represents a holistic treatment concept which is tailored to suit and is gentle and without side-effects.
…generates a highly-complex magnetic field. When considered from a regulative point of view, you can work more efficiently with it, for example, than with its smaller brother the MEDISEND SUPER C
…is multifunctional and offers all the following features in one
system: pulsating highly-complex magnetic field, regulation, bio-resonance, transmission of exogenous and endogenous bio-information.

MEDISEND®super III extends the range of stimulationd offered and safeguards the basis of your successful practice concept.

*BIOWAVEs can only be generated with our WAVE TRANSFER C. The transfer of BIOWAVE data to the storage location of the METRONOM C is controlled by the AMS Comsystem control software. Bio-information can be: homeopathic substances, nosodes, Bach flower remedies, users own liquids and other substrates.

**To transmit the digitized bio-information you need the AMS Comsystem operating software as well. To generate digital bio-information / BIOWAVES you need the WAVE TRANSFER C.


- 2 Frequency generators which can run on their own, or together.
- A delay between frequencies is selectable, creating a 1.2Hz frequency (Nogier).
- Intensity can be set between 1 and 9
- Signal can be constant or modulated
- Program timer can be set in minutes
- Audiable speaker to listen to frequency
- Ability to connect to METRONOM C
- Build in battery for operation


- 2 Directional Inductors with 2 stands to shape your own field where and how needed.
- 1 Magneto Ring
- Charger





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Item # AMS205


MEDISEND SUPER C and MEDISEND SUPER - Affordable Versatility

Magnetic field, bio-resonance and regulative instrument in a single system and thus enables a multitude of possible applications.

- is the multifunctional system for the present day and the future!
- is a magnetic field, bio-res
onance and regulative instrument in a single system and thus enables a multitude of possible applications. At the present time, there is nothing comparable which is so powerful and offers such good value for money.
- is ideal for introduction into an alternative health practice or your own family.
- was developed by W. Ludwig® of the Institute for Biophysics in Tauberbischofsheim (Germany). Together with several thousand users, he developed specific frequency programs. He used this empirical experience and further biophysical findings in the development and construction of the MEDISEND® super.
- combines well-tried methods of holistic programs: pulsating magnetic field, bio-resonance, transmission and storage of substrate oscillations and more (e.g. homeopathic substances, Bach flower remedies, nosodes). In addition, the pulsating magnetic field can be used as transport medium for the patient’s own signals and body substances.(needs optional medicup)
- is very easy to use:
--- needs no mains connection (automatic battery charger)
--- is very simple to operate (e.g. magneto-loop instead of the awkward “mat”)
--- handy size, low weight

The MEDISEND SUPER C has the added ability to connect to the AMS Comsystem* and thereby connect to and use the digital benefits of BIOWAVES and the WAVE TRANSFER C*.

Item #AMS201


- 1 Frequency generator
- Intensity can be set high or low
- Signal can be constant or modulated
- Effective Field Radius of 1.2M
- Program timer set at 2x 7.5min (Beeps in between)
- Build in battery for operation


- 1 Magneto Loop
- Charger



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Item # AMS204



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Item # AMS201





Bio Photons & Colour Therapy
Stand alone or interlinked with AMS Practice devices for amazing integration

World-Wide unique:
Light and Colour is modulated by the spectra of the 64 Trace Elements!


...Delivers the energy the organism needs in certain regulation situations through light and colours! a manageable investment which upgrades your service-offer crucially, but still minimizes your cost. You cannot make a more attractive offer in the field of prophylaxis, regeneration, wellness and stimulation.
...can be interlinked with the performance-functions of an AMS practice device for added abilities and effectiveness.

Connect light and colour of the COLOR-Light with the multifunctionality of your AMS-practice device (now or later) and get unexpected synergetic effects:
- Photon Therapy
- Plus pulsating magnetic field
- Plus approved naturopathic treatment
- Light and colour
- Bioinformative stimulation / Transfer of endogenous and exogenous bioinformation
- Chiropractic and massage

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now AU$ 3990 incl GST
(AU$ 3627.30 ex GST)
plus delivery
Item # AMS550

CLICK HERE for our COLOR-Light review page with all the information about the COLOR-Light, Bio Photon and Colour Therapy and the Effects of colours.

COLOR Puncture

Multifunctional - all in one system!
Better than every needle.

 ...combines the approved methods of the holistic medicine in one system: Color-light, acupuncture, pulsating magnetic field, exogene and endogne bio-information-stimulation, regulation-medicine and bio-resonance.

...achives highest mico-electronic standards in the next generation. With the Magneto-light-pen you can locate acupuncture-points doubtlessly and treat instantly. the only electro- and color-light-acupuncture-device with pulsating-magnetic-field, with which you can transfer endogene and exogene information (i. e. homeopathics, nosodes, blood) while treating.

...has an electro-acupuncture-measurement-display (so called EA-Level) with optical and acustical reply and a lot possibilities of user-related programs in the next generation.

COLOR-Punctur achieves all demands on a holistic treatment-concept!
It looses regulation-blockades and stabilizes the energy-balance.

Color Puncture
Price: $13,998
plus delivery.


Transmission and duplication of substrate oscillations*.

Brand new!

Digitize bio-information* with the AMS Comsystem  and that in the highest “CD quality“!

Of course the new WAVE TRANSFER C can do everything that the WAVE TRANSFER can, which has proved itself for years in practice, but now you also can: Simply transfer any frequency spectra of bio-information analog and duplicate it (incl. amplification and inversion!). However with the WAVE TRANSFER C and the AMScomsystem software, you now only need a mouse click to digitize any substrate oscillations and store them as so-called BIOWAVES on the hard disc of your PC - and all that in the highest “CD quality“! You also only need a mouse click to modulate the pulsating magnetic field of the MEDISEND®super C, MEDISEND®super III with the stored BIOWAVES and transmit it, for example, for testing purposes. With AMS you have “everything in a single system“! Unique performance features ensure the highest transmission and storage quality and guarantee simple handling/installation!

*Bio-information can be: homeopathic substances, nosodes, Bach flower remedies, patient’s own substances and other substrates.





now AU$ 7148 incl GST
Plus delivery.
includes one small Medicup.
Large MEDICUP and AMS ComSystem available as optional extras.


A revolution!
Transmission and duplication of substrate oscillations without electromagnetic pollution.

The new generation: with extended programming

The WAVE TRANSFER enables you to transmit the frequency spectra of bio-information in a simple manner, store and duplicate (e.g. from homeopathic substances, nosodes, Bach flower remedies, patient’s blood and other substrates). 15 seconds! That’s all the time you need for transmission and storage. The new generation of WAVE TRANSFER offers you additional possibilities of specific user programming!

WAVE TRANSFER is portable and very simple to operate. At the INPUT you have the substrate which you want to transmit and store. At the OUTPUT you place an ampoule with a watery solution onto which the frequency spectrum of the substrate in question is to be transmitted and stored. Suitable storage substances are an isotonic salt solution & “still“ water..

WAVE TRANSFER and MEDICUPare ingenious developments from W. LUDWIG® of the Institute for Biophysics, Tauberbischofsheim. The two-pole, symmetrical input and output and the special design of the MEDICUP guarantee a (practically) interferencefree transmission.


was AU$ 3,448 with 2 small medicups

plus delivery.
Large medicup available as an optional extra.

CEPES-Laser with Satisfaction Guarantee

NEW! Multitalented!
Laser with magnetic field and substrate transient response.

  • …offers three forms of stimulation:
    red-light laser – pulsating magnetic field – substrate transients
Each individual component has already proved to be noticeably effective. However by using all three possibilities at the same time, you can gain a highly effective synergetic effect! You will be surprised at what you can achieve with the CEPES-Laser®. With the CEPES-Laser® you can achieve local and systematic effects at the same time. Long term, its use is better and significantly cheaper than any treatment with needles. Thanks to its functional versatility, the CEPES-Laser® satisfies an extremely wide range of applications and is therefore used worldwide by general practitioners, alternative (complementary) medical practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists and neural therapists, homeopaths, ENT physicians, dentists, dermatologists, vets using holistic medicine, orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists and psychotherapists. Added 2017 features include selection of 3 pulsed frequencies!
Additional alternatively adjustable pulsing of the laser-light with...
  • CW-Modus (Continuous laser-light)
  • 1.2 Hz ("Nogier"-frequency)

    Item # AMS105


    Now AU$ 898 incl gst + $ 20 Postage within Australia


CEPES-Laser Vario

Connect the CEPES-Laser Vario to your AMS practice device and have the laser light modulated with the pulses of the practice device.

Price: AU$ 1048 incl gst + Postage

CEPES Red Light Laser Vario from AMS

MEDICUP – ingenious

MEDICUP is a two-pole medicinal beaker which only picks up approx. 1 % of electromagnetic pollution. You are therefore getting a hundred times higher signal transmission quality and storage. An overwhelming result!
The inside of the MEDICUP consists of two separate halfbeakers manufactured from a special aluminum alloy (Registered design No. 398 29 987). The MEDICUP is handcrafted in a complicated process.

With a MEDICUP attached to your practice device you can incorporate in the magnetic field (and apply directly to every cell within it's field) the frequencies of whatever you put into the MEDICUP. This could be homeopathic's, flower or other remedies. Also Nosodes and liquids from the patient, eg blood, saliva, nasal mucus, urine, tears, earwaxe etc, can be transmitted as information to bring the signal more in resonance with the bodies signals in the area you wish to address.


Approx 140mm tall, diameter approx 55mm
Item # AMS502

Price: AU$ 608 incl GST


Approx 70mm tall, diameter approx 55mm
Item # AMS501

Price: AU$ 548 incl GST

Pair of Hand Electrodes

Item # AMS503

Price: AU$ 328 incl GST

Magneto-Stylus (no longer available)

For use like an acupuncture needle.
Item # AMS508



For application on single joints or with deep discomfort.
Item # AMS504

No longer available


For application either for the whole body in humans or with small animals up to horses. (already included with the MEDISEND SUPER III)
Item # AMS505

Price: AU$ 1048 incl GST

Glass ampoules for CEPES-Laser, MediCup, Wave Transfer C and MediSend for signal transmission.

50 Glass Ampoules with lid's

Price: AU$ 35 incl gst
Item# AMS517

glass ampoules

Okotensor Med Plus (Dowsing Rod)

Comes with an antenna adjustable in lenght with a wooden ring.
Item # AMS701

Price AU$198 incl gst

Okotensor Antennas

Spare antennas of our BioTensor
Item # AMS702 Timber
Item # AMS703 Metal

Price: AU$ 30 for antenna with timber ring, AU$ 40 for antenna with metal ring

Pair of Animal applicators

Item # AMS509

Price: AU$ 498 incl gst

Safety Horse Pad

"Saddlebags" to hold the MEDISEND Super, Super C or Super III in place.
Item # AMS540

Price: on application


AMS ComSystem

Communication- and Controlplatform for MEDISEND SUPER III, SUPER C and WAVE TRANSFER.

“Everything in a single system“! And you control everything with the new software. AMScomsystem offers a wealth of control and programming possibilities.

You can:
- use the WAVE TRANSFER C to store the frequency spectra of BIOWAVES (e.g. from homeopathic substances, nosodes, Bach flower remedies, patient’s own blood and other substrates) digitally on the hard disc of your PC.

- use the BIOWAVES stored in your PC to modulate the pulsating magnetic field of your MEDISEND®super III or MEDISEND®super C, for example, for testing purposes.

- process specific patient frequency sequences automatically with your MEDISEND®super III or MEDISEND®super C.

- transfer self-digitized BIOWAVE data to a METRONOM C.

- document everything in a Patient manager.
..... all this at the click of a mouse.

And the best of all is this:
With the purchase of the software you also can control the following systems:


Buy once – use three systems! * BIOWAVEs can only be generated with our WAVE TRANSFER C. The transfer of BIOWAVE data to the storage location of the METRONOM C is controlled by the AMScomsystem control software in conjunction with the MEDISEND super III, MEDISEND super C or the WAVE TRANSFER C.

The software is also available in English.

AMS Comsystem on Laptop with WIN7 + AMS Test Module
Item # 902 Price: $3898


AMS Comsystem Laptop

AMS Test Module

"For easy testing with digitized substrate-oszillations. Includes a foot-pedal, so you have a free hand for testing with EAV, Muscle testing, tensor etc.
Positive tested BIOWAVEs can be transferred to the therapy with the AMS Comsystem directly or can be combined to a multiple-BIOWAVE.
Item # AMS901

Price: TBA


BIOWAVEs Test Set - 1st Package

BIOWAVEs / Digitized spectra
555 digitized spectra (Only for the use with MEDISEND super C, MEDISEND super III and/or WAVE TRANSFER C, steered with the software AMScomsystem)
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. The full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application

BIOWAVEs Test Set - 2nd Package

BIOWAVEs / Dental Materials
200 spectra with additional 96 spectra for EAV-testing.
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. The full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application

BIOWAVEs Test Set - 3rd Package

BIOWAVES / Bacteria
More than 1.000 spectra on 3 CDs with additional 270 BIOWAVES for EAV-testing.
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. The full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application

BIOWAVEs Test Set - 4th Package

BIOWAVEs / Virusus, Fungi, Worms etc.
More than 700 spectra on 2 CDs with additional 220 BIOWAVES for EAV-testing.
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. The full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application

BIOWAVEs Test Set - 5th Package

BIOWAVEs Environmental toxins.
More than 500 spectra.
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. the full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application

BIOWAVEs Test Set - 6th Package

BIOWAVEs Organ preparation / specimen.
More than 1000 spectra on 2 CDs.
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. The full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application

BIOWAVEs Test Set - 7th Package

BIOWAVEs Nosodes, Hormones, Pharmaceuticals.
More than 1300 spectra on 3 CDs.
All spectra were digitized in CD-quality. The full BIOWAVE-catalogue.

Price: on application