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In order to meet the legal requirements, we give the following reference: In general, magnetic field devices are scientifically disputed and not recognized by conventional medicine.

Connect to your bodies natural abilities.

In nature, if you were removed from the interference of tall buildings, electrical equipment, wiring and the various communications waves like mobile phone towers and TV broadcasting stations (which is virtually impossible nowadays), you would experience the earths natural magnetic field in the way that every organism in the world has evolved to. This field is a mixture of waves that go around the earth, some come from the 64 trace elements in the earths crust and the rest come from the sun. These natural fields, strengthen your immune system... maybe that's why we feel so good after spending a day on the beach? Maybe the reason you feel so good is not just fresh air, but the fact there is no tall buildings around you, no electrical equipment and your body receives some natural magnetic fields it needs so badly?

These soft magnetic field generators of AMS generate as no one else can, a precise reproduction of the earths magnetic field as experienced in free nature, which has a positive effect on your immune system and promotes self healing. They can use different frequencies in order to give your body a gentle attention signal which has shown in many people to activate the bodies very own healing abilities.

They have found loyal users all over the world and there is a whole culture of alternative therapists and medical doctors like RIFE and CLARK who have dedicated their time to finding frequencies that stimulate a person in certain situations. We can't say these device heal anything... you do that yourself, but we can say that they will better your well being and can assist with lack of energy, focus, restlessness, the effects of electronic equipment around you (electro-smog), sensitivity to weather and other general effects of living in our modern world. They have made a very positive effect in our families life. We believe they could do the same for you.

We look forward to hearing your success stories.
Please take the time to read our information sections, you will be fascinated and this could be the best thing that has happened to you in a long while.

Dr Ludwig
The German company AMS GmbH is the legal extension of the life's work of Dr Ludwig who has been named by other authorities as 'the father of magneto therapy'. His name is well known amongst alternative therapist for a practice device he made a long time ago called the Indumed, some of which are still being used today.
Dr Beck (the CEO of AMS GmbH) worked together with Dr Ludwig. The latest designs of his soft magnetic field generators are now more accurate and effective than ever before and continue to help many people. Some models also utilise the optional benefits of computer steering and capture, storage, sharing and use of digitized oscillations and remedies. The soft magnetic fields generated, extremely closely matches the natural magnetic fields you would experience in free nature, away from our modern lifestyles, electrical devices, concrete buildings, which distort or reflect the natural magnetic fields your body needs to regulate many of its internal processes. (Remember the small animals dying in a Faraday's cage where they had food, water, light... and were only deprived of the earths magnetic signals!!) Dr Ludwig was by circumstance motivated to study many different fields, all of which came together to give him a unique knowledge base to explore the subjects that interested him and led to this fine range of equipment that benefits so many.

Hand Held Devices
The small Hand Held Devices is what it all started with in the beginning for Dr Ludwig. His mother was sensitive to certain weather fronts. Low pressure and high winds would cause her to be drained from energy and could hardly move. Dr Ludwig made a little device for her, generating the earths magnetic fields and she had no problems in an instant. Now fine tuned to perfection these same devices bring major benefits to families everywhere. We are so convinced you will love one if you just tried one, so we have a Satisfaction Guarantee in place to make it easier for you to take a chance.

One reasons AMS products are unique, superior and the original
There are other products available that seem to ride the hype of 'magnets' and some seem to match a little closer the features in Dr Ludwig's devices. Many of these find their origin with ex employees of Dr Ludwig how thought they could do a similar job. Fact is that his know how was unique and the design of his devices reflect that. He developed a unique ingredient to his magnetic fields... the effects of the 64 trace elements found in the earths crust and their effects on the magnetic field, which proved to be highly significant. No non-AMS device has this significant ingredient within them. That's what makes AMS and Dr Ludwig's devices unique, superior and the original.

Please learn more about how this all works in the information sections.


All care has been taken to avoid errors on this website regarding information and pricing, but mistakes are still possible Pricing is subject to chance without notice. No medical advice is given here, and no offer of treatment of any condition. If references are made to effects these devices could have, it is references of other users not claims by us. We have to tell you that this does not substitutes traditional medical care or advice and if you have any health issues you should consult your traditional doctor. We can not accept liability for any statements or perceived adverse effects with any of these devices or or links provided to other websites.













Shielding against electronic pollution of your laptop.
Medisend Protect, shielding against laptop EMF's

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A powerful tool for the well being of your family. Set your own frequencies from 1hz to 1000hz and harmonics up to 10MHz, or run the basic program with scans from 1000 to 1 Hz, giving attention signals to your body where needed.


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1 Basic Program that scans from 1hz to 1000Hz, and 4 set programs to aid your well being.
An very valuable device any family deserve.

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