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Thanks for visiting! OxyMed was created in the beginning of 2010 (a trading name of Blue Remora P/L). A family operated business which we went into after having some battles with serious health issues in the family which found a happy ending by the use of these AMS devices. We are honoured to play a role in bringing the life's work of Dr Wolfgang Ludwig to Australian therapists, Vets and the general public.

Who is AMS GmbH in Germany

AMS GmbH – Advanced Medical Systems – is a German company with its own Institute of Biophysics. The company is based in Tauberbischofsheim, a small town (close to the major international airport of Frankfurt / Main) in the southern part of Germany. We have decades of experience in the research, development and production of medical-technical equipment.

Figure: Dr. soc. Frank Beck, Managing Director of AMS GmbH

TV interview with Dr Beck.

Click here to see an interview of Dr Frank Beck of AMS

Dr. Beck, Managing Director of AMS GmbH:
“Our scientific know-how is based on the research and development work carried out by Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig®, an internationally renowned bio-physicist. We have committed ourselves to continue Dr. Ludwig’s life’s work. AMS GmbH therefore stands for the ORIGINAL – developed by Dr. Ludwig®, Institute of Biophysics.

Our operating areas cover the: Research, development, manufacture and worldwide sale of high-quality products in the following fields:
- Pulsating magnetic fields
- Color-light and laser therapy
- Photon therapy
- Bioresonance and regulation therapy
- Biophysical information transfer and storage: analog and digital
- Water purification and energization

Dr. Beck: AMS GmbH is bound by the “Made in Germany” tag! AMS GmbH is bound by the “Made in Germany” tag: we manufacture our practical equipment in a German company which is medically-technically certified in accordance with DIN EN 9001.
Our company philosophy is characterized by the highest quality standards and requirements. AMS GmbH – decades of experience in research, development and production!

Dr. Ludwig’s Life’s work
Over 10 years ago AMS GmbH took over the company Dr. LUDWIG® Medizintechnik and its > Institute of Biophysics <. It is the owner of all the industrial property and patent rights of Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig®, who researched and developed these for series production in the course of his 30 years of work at the Institute. AMS GmbH has committed itself to continue developing Dr. Ludwig’s life’s work.
Only a few companies – such as AMS GmbH / Institute of Biophysics – have so many years of experience in Germany in the field of > Medical Technology and Modern Natural Remedies < affecting the development and production of complementary-medicine devices. Bioinformative Medicine: a solid and serious scientific basis in re-search, development and production

Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig® / Institute of Biophysics -
researcher in and pioneer of modern natural healing in Germany. Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig®, Director of the Institute of Biophysics, is indisputably a significant co-founder of modern natural healing, the complementary medicine in Germany. He has made a highly significant contribution to and had an equally important influence on the development of bio-resonance and regulation therapy, pulsating magneto-therapy, color-light/laser therapy, and the analog and digital transfer and storage of bio-information.

Figure: Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig (1927-2004)

Dr. LUDWIG® (1927 – 2004) with his biophysical research and development work laid the scientific-practical foundations for so-called > Bioinformative Medicine <.
As Institute Director Dr. rer. nat W. LUDWIG® was completely independent in his research and development work. He undoubtedly belonged to what has in the meantime become that very rare breed of > private scholars / private researchers <, who are exclusively interested in the “subject” for the sake of people. His studies of multiple disciplines (physics, chemistry, medicine) enabled him to engage in in-depth examinations of quantum physics, analog and digital storage and transfer of (bio-)information, and low- and high-frequency technology. His extensive work on > The extended unified quantum field theory of Burkhard Heim < has been groundbreaking for the scientifically well-founded effectiveness of quantum medicine or even homeopathy.

Comments by Prof. Dr/ F.-A. Popp
Prof. Dr. F.-A. Popp, himself an internationally respected researcher in biophotons, on the scientific achievements and contributions of his colleague Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig: “Wolfgang Ludwig belongs to that group of physicists who have significantly helped to shape complementary medicine in Germany. He has helped to ensure the continued leading role of German natural healing in the world (...) Even when the potentials which grow out of this have hitherto barely been exploited here in Germany, but have rather been suppressed, there still remain the achievements and also the important information, which stimulate the increasing progress made in other countries. They provide the stimulus to emulate and further develop promising approaches. They provide impetus worldwide for a new era of health consciousness.”

More information on Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig®, his scientific career, the main points of research and results can be found in the interview. (Refer here to the interview with Dr. Ludwig®, the “father of magneto-therapy”, in the renowned German magazine raum&zeit; a copy of this interview appeared in the US magazine EXPLORE, 1997, under the title: AMS GmbH: "What everybody should know about magneto-therapy"

Diverse range of products
AMS GmbH has in the last few years continued to invest large amounts of money and scientific know-how in technically developing and diversifying the product range – especially with regard to the field of large and practical devices.
All devices comply with the latest microelectronics standard and are currently being used with great success worldwide in more than 50 countries. (Further information on the current product range can be found in the catalogue and on this website). Accept no imitations
AMS GmbH’s product range is characterized by a series of unique-position characteristics. However, attempts are constantly being made to copy in-dividual devices. For this reason, always look out for the original: You can recognize the original by the arrow symbol!

Figure. Arrow symbol – trademark of AMS GmbH

AMS products are proudly represented in Australia by Oxymed.
Holistic Health Products to assist healing from within.

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