COLOR-Light by AMS GmbH

COLOR-Light is World-Wide unique:
Light and Colour is modulated
by the spectra of the 64 Trace Elements!



...Delivers the energy the organism needs in certain regulation situations through light and colours! a manageable investment which upgrades your service-offer crucially, but still minimizes your cost. You cannot make a more attractive offer in the field of prophylaxis, regeneration, wellness and stimulation.

...can be interlinked with the performance-functions of an AMS practice device for added abilities and effectiveness.

Connect light and colour of the COLOR-Light with the multifunctionality of your AMS-practice device (now or later) and get unexpected synergetic effects:
- Photon Therapy
- Plus pulsating magnetic field
- Plus approved naturopathic treatment
- Light and colour
- Bioinformative stimulation / Transfer of endogenous and exogenous bioinformation
- Chiropractic and massage

Field of Application:
Partially and whole-body, zone application, meridian-terminal-point-application, alarm points in TCM (Mu Points), organ application via the five elements/colours, foot reflex zone application, scar interference suppression, head-, shoulders-.spinal-column application, moxa-point and naturally chakra-treatment.

Expand your practice service - Light and colour create synergy-effects!!
COLOR-Light offers you a unique chance for innovation. You can develop and optimize your practice-concept by integrating different approved naturopathic treatments in a „device-system“. The coupling of the COLOR-Light with an AMS-practice device can be named as a epoch-making development in the field of Light- Colour-Magneto- and bioinformation-stimulation.

COLOR-Light - biophysical basic

COLOR-Light works on the basis of colour light, which when considered biophysically consists of particles and a wave - so called light quanta or bio photons.

COLOR-Light - Quick and easy to install
It is extremely easy to install the COLOR-Light in the stand-alone version and in combination with an AMS practice device. With the rotary-button at the side of the control-box you can adjust the colour. (see figure) From the very right adjustment (white light) to the very left („AutoRainbow“). If needed the intensity can be set by the +/- button. Nine adjustments are available.

COLOR-Light - unique-position features
Compared with other light showers or colour-light devices available on the market, the COLOR-Light has the following technical unique-position features:

COLOR-Light in combination with an AMS-practice device
If the COLOR-Light is used in combination with an AMS practice device, as well as the vibrations of the colour light, all three biological normals are generated and output via the applicator of the AMS practice device. Schumann-, geomagnetic- and solar-frequency spectra.
That means: When the floodlight is combined with an AMS practice device, you use simultaneously.
- Window I for the visible light
- Window II for the so-called solar frequencies.

Biological standards
Our pulsating magnetic field dates from the research of the worldwide accepted bio-physicist Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig. He dealt with the natural magnetic fields for decades and converted his cognition's into his systems consequently. These natural magnetic fields are known as „Biological standards“.

Colours and their effects

The descriptions of effects below can be taken from literature. (We wish to point out in this connection that colour therapy and magneto-therapy are scientifically disputed and have not yet been recognized by conventional medicine.)

Text Box: Red    is very stimulating and has an active effect. Drowsiness and lethargy are overcome more easily.
A colour which is to be used wherever circulation of the blood should be promoted (e.g. chronic illnesses/diseases). Red stands for love, passion and energy. Red stimulates metabolism, circulation and digestion, increases well being, strengthens the body’s defences and lifts mood. Red influences the coccyx center and stimulates creative, vital, elemental energies. Red stimulates the liver and supports the production of red blood corpuscles. Red curbs appetite.

Also available:
The MediCur Color, a magnetic field hand held device.
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Text Box: Orange    is the warm secondary colour of the 1st degree. It is an invigorating colour. Orange promotes optimism and reliability, creates self-confidence. Orange supports happiness and makes people receptive to new things.
Digestion and skin problems and poor bowel movement are influenced by Orange. Orange stimulates the kidneys and encourages the reduction of environmental toxins in the body. Supports scar interference suppression, release blockages. The warming effect of Orange eases and relaxes. Orange has, depending on the requirement, a stimulating, toning or sedative effect, and can bring about a balance between over- and underactivity of a system or organ. Orange is therefore particularly suitable for lasting use and performs superbly against all infections such as, for example, colds, flu infections, sore throats, bronchitis. But Orange can also be used against infections of the gastrointestinal tract and against all types of allergies. It is completely irrelevant here whether the inflammation was caused by infection with bacteria, viruses or fungi or chemically by exogenous toxins – Orange energy stimulates the body’s defences in their entirety.

Text Box: Yellow    has a cheering effect, provides energy and is appropriate in the event of physical/mental tiredness.
Yellow strengthens the gland system, and provides support in the case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the kidneys. Yellow stands for the Sun and has a cheering effect, encourages the perceptive faculties and improved interaction with other people. Yellow acts as a sedative for the spleen and stimulates the lymph system. Provides positive support in the case of nervousness, exhaustion, apathy and skin problems. Yellow increases blood pressure and supports the detoxification process in the liver, serves to regenerate a damaged intestinal flora, and supports increased purging (sweat, stool and urine quantities).

Text Box: Green     soothes, calms and relaxes.
Green has a balancing and neutralizing effect; it is the colour of hope, of healing and of natural maturing.
Green light can also be used in the case of eye problems, bronchial catarrh, whooping cough, arthritis, gout and diabetes. Green has a regenerating effect on muscles and connective tissue. Green is the strongest healing colour. Green could also be described as an “energetic painkiller” in the event of among others acute pains such as, for example, muscle pains after physical overexertion / aching muscles, headaches, toothaches, menstruation pains, throbbing pain on percussion in the case of inflammations or injuries, contusions, pulled muscles, sprains, rheumatic and arthritic pains of all causes. Green stands for nature and conveys calm, contentedness and harmony to body, mind and soul. It has a positive effect on insomnia, chronic illnesses/diseases and inflammations.

Text Box: Blue     calms, refreshes and relieves pain. Blue is the colour of the shoulder and neck region. Heated and festering processes call for blue light. Nervousness and insomnia, colic, bleeding and inflammation are positively influenced by the colour Blue. Has a cooling effect on burns.
Blue stands for the cool and the unconscious. It is the colour of introversion and reserve, but also of mental development. Blue relaxes and calms, has a positive effect on nervousness, insomnia and migraines, and can lower blood pressure.

Text Box: Indigo
calms and creates a harmonious atmosphere. It brings about new growth, hope and balance. Indigo acts on the eyes, nose and ears and against nervous disorders.


Text Box: Violet    stands for creative thought, inspiration, spirituality, self-knowledge, physical and mental development, but also for change. Violet promotes concentration and the capacity for logical thought, and has a balancing effect in the case of depression and migraines. Strengthens the psyche. Violet cleanses the body, the skin and the mind, and relieves pain. Violet has a blood-cleansing effect.



As a stand alone device the floodlight is supplied power by the mains adaptor and connected to the control box. If you choose to interlink the COLOR Light with an AMS practice device you purchase in the future or already own (Medisend Super, Super C and Super 2 or 3) the supplied cables connect the AMS practice device to the control box of the COLOR-Light and an additional exit port on the COLOR-Light controls is used for the magnetic field inductor of your practice device (see figure below). The floodlight is then connected as mentioned above.

Technical data

Colour light (vibrations) in the range of approx. 400 nm to 750 nm using a total of 216 LEDs; of which: 72 red / 72 green / 72 blue LEDs. These three primary colours can be mixed (by way of a rotary button) into more than 1000 shades incl. a
so-called “rainbow”, an automatic colour sweep.

Size / control box: 127 mm* 177 mm* 45 / 100 mm*
Weight / control box: 452 g
Size / colour floodlight: 260 mm* 177 mm* 23 mm*
Weight / colour floodlight: 710 g
Power supply: Plug-in mains adapter suitable for system voltages in the range of 100 to 240 V



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