CEPES-Laser for animal treatment
Multitalented 3 in 1! Not just a red light.

Laser with Magnetic Field and Substrate Transient Response.

The benefit of red light in treatment has been known for a while.
This tool gives you far beyond those benefits and is econonically priced.
You should consider this device seriously. NEW 2017 Model in Blue with frequency selector.

For many years Dr Ludwig and experienced Vet's had set the goal to develop a Laser which combined proven treatment types in one device, which is simple to use and gave excellent value for money. The result was the CEPES-Laser!

The CEPES-Laser offers three treatment types and is therefor far superior than devices that just gives you red light or laser light. This is the very best you can own and if you were not to think so.... send it back, we have a money back guarantee on the CEPES-Laser!

Red-light-laser - Pulsating Magnetic Field - Substrate Transients

1 + 1 + 1 = 3 - Our CEPES-Laser gives you more.
If you use all three treatment-types at the same time, you achieve highly effective synergistic effects! The CEPES-Laser brings local and systemic effect together, therefore it outmatches each needle-treatment in the long run and it is significantly cheaper.

Regardless if used for acupuncture or treatment of scars, treatment blockages (foci), pain of wound healing, you are treating simultaneously on all four transport systems:
- Matter Transport (molecules) in bloodstream
- Loading Transport (ion's) in the analogue direct current system
- Light Transport (Energy) in the meridian system
- Information Transport in the digital nervous system
The CEPES-Laser is therefore to be considered over treatment with needles and truly more cost effective. And really, how many animals like being treated with needles?

Red light laser treatment on dogWith the CEPES-Laser you treat locally targeted at the bio energetic regulative level of the organism. To reach the physiological response threshold, you neither need a high laser-capacity nor a strong magnetic field. The laser-light pointed on an acupuncture-point will be transmitted by the meridian (= light-director). A pulsating magnetic field with a physiological pulserate frequency (7.8 Hz) has a penetration of approx. 30cm. The magnetic field lastingly assists the laser-effect through the resonance-stimulation.

It can also be used as a transport and information medium for bio-information which is either from the patient's own body or external (eg for homeopathic substances, drugs, nosodes, patient's own blood, allergens and Bach flower remedies). For this reason, the CEPES-Laser is supplied with a plug-in adaptor with socket to accept glass ampoules so that the magnetic field can be used as carrier for the frequency spectra from the substrates. The plug-in adaptor also serves to widen the laser beam in order to facilitate the treatment of larger areas of skin (regardless of fur) and allowing a fair degree of inaccuracy when it comes to stimulating acupuncture points because you are lighting up a larger area.

The CEPES-Laser works with the fluctuating red wave length (average value 650 nm); it has a power of approx. 0.5 mW.

Included with delivery
CEPES-Laser with plug-in-adaptor with socket for one glass-ampoule, leather case, comprehensive instructions and one glass ampoule. Order number AMS517

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AU$ 898
(New Blue Version with frequency selector)
+ $ 20 Postage within Australia

wound healing on animal with red light laser
Photo: Dr. med. vet. H. Kubler

We have available a document with hands on experience of therapists with the CEPES-Laser.
Email us and we'd be happy to send it to you.

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