TriField Meter
Find out what Electro Magnetic Radiation you and your animals are exposed to and do something about it.

Trifield meter for measuring EMF radiationBecause of the dramatic and hidden role Electro-Magnetic radiation can have on any organisms health we carry probably the most respected measuring device to measure your exposure. There is a good chance that lingering weakness or illness might be caused by what you are exposed to. Powerlines play a role, but poor wiring and electrical appliances have more to answer for.

Is your favourite chair, your bed, our your animals cage, bed or stable located on what we call a 'hot spot'? When you find out you have the option to do something about it. Often moving or removing cabling or appliances can make a big difference.

The TriField Meter is an easy to use tool to enable you measure your environment, that of your animals and of your friends and family. At the price of an average mobile phone there is hardly an excuse not to have one in the family.

Please follow the link to open a new window with the TriField Meter information about the device and about risks associated with levels of exposure (in humans). There is also a video showing some measurement taking.