AMS Magnetic Field Therapy

Basic Principles of Quantum Physics.
Why Soft Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy works with Animals.

We like to make the following reference: In relation to using magnetic field devices on people we legally have to make the statement that magnetic field therapy is scientifically disputed and it is not yet recognised by conventional medicine. We also have to state that our devices are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness and that they are for well being purposes only and do not substitute medical care of a conventional doctor. If you have any medical issue, please consult your conventional doctor and do not use these items if you are pregnant or think you might be.

The following in depth information about the workings of soft pulsating magnetic field therapy is therefore in reference to animals only...

Basic principles of quantum physics

Quantum physics has shown that so-called vibration quanta (interaction quanta – especially “photons”) are superordinate to and control matter. Nobel prize winner Carlo Rubbia (Nobel Prize 1984), General Director of CERN in Geneva, has summarized this fact succinctly:
“We usually consider only matter, because we can see and touch it. However, much more important than matter particles are interaction quanta, as these hold the matter together, determine or control their structures and are far superior in numbers in the universe.” According to the theory of B. Heim, there are at least one hundred million times more interaction particles (“without rest mass”) than matter particles (“with rest mass”).

We further know that cell communication in living things takes place below the molecular level with the aid of electromagnetic alternating fields. They have the function of a wireless information network. In each cell more than 100,000 pieces of information are exchanged per second. Research into biophotons (with the German F.-A. Popp at the forefront) was able to show that a cell, when it dies, gives off its light abruptly and transmits the modulated structure information to the surroundings in such a way that a new cell can be created with the same structure. Cells communicate therefore via light and this light is called biophotons.

We can therefore say:

Biophotons are the light in our cells!

Since interaction particles, i.e. biophotons, are superordinate to and control matter, all the processes of life occur by means of biophotons. The development of the universe is inseparably linked with the processes of life, the biophoton field.

Biophysicist Ilya Prigogine (Nobel Prize 1977) explained the interaction connection in very clear terms:
“As I age, my molecules do not age; rather, the interaction quanta change and with them the structures.”
On the one hand, it would be beyond the scope of a brief “Introduction to the function and operation of Bioinformative Medicine” if we were to deal in greater detail with the fundamental work of B. Heim on “The unified quantum field theory” and his further findings and conclusions with regard to quantum medicine.

On the other hand, without the findings of B. Heim about “different lower and higher layers of existence and their connection”, further understanding of the function and effectiveness of quantum medicine and thus Bioinformative Medicine remains fragmentary. Dr. Ludwig’s achievements also include the fact that he was able to show in comprehensible form difficult facts of quantum mechanics. Dr. Ludwig®:

“Heim’s theory says that there are four layers of existence, each with their own logic structure and a hierarchical structure. The layers interact with each other and have sublayers, which likewise > interact < with each other.”

Illness can occur and be treated in each of these layers of existence. Dr. Ludwig®:
“The fact that the interaction quanta (photons) are superordinate to matter explains the positive effect of information therapy, which takes place on a higher level, while chemistry operates at the lowest level:

The figure below by Dr. Ludwig® shows in schematic form the
> interactions of layer of existence – origin of illness – treatment < for humans and animals.
(Refer here to: Ludwig, W.: Die erweiterte einheitliche Quantenfeldtheorie von Burkhard Heim. Innsbruck 1998, P. 35)

field of life

layers of existance

Figure: > Interactions of Layer of existence – Origin of illness – Treatment for humans and animals <


Figure. Dimensions according to B. Heim

Explanations: 1st to 6th dimension (= Minkowski space) and 7th to 12th dimension (= Kosyrev space).
> Minkowski space <: The mathematician Minkowski combined space and time into a four-dimensional hyperspace, so-called “Minkowski space”, which Albert EINSTEIN also used in his theory of relativity. “Time” occurs as a space constant. Modern science points out that “time” only exists for our consciousness, but actually everything exists simultaneously. What we experience as “time” is a “movement through parallel worlds”.
On the basis of this B. HEIM developed a twelve-dimensional universe with the physical dimensions X1 to X6: space (length, height, depth), time, structure possibilities, realiza-tion of special structures and the non-material dimensions X7 to X12 (Kosyrev space): Information I (X7, X8) and mental “background space” G4 (X9 to X12). To summarize, it is possible to stress that physics is interwoven with metaphysics!
(Refer here to: Ludwig, W.: Die erweiterte einheitliche Quantenfeldtheorie von Burkhard Heim. Innsbruck 1998.)

Heim’s theory is the most thoroughly tested theory; it is computer-tested and matches down to the last decimal hitherto obtained measured values of the rest masses of elementary particles. We can conclude from the theory of B. Heim that > the mind determines the matter <.

If we summarize the essential findings of quantum physics and research into biophotons, we come to the realization that medicine in the future will be medicine determined by “information”.

This is because we know that:

1. The interaction quanta (photons) are far superior in numbers and accordingly our organism is composed for the most part of vibration quanta (essentially photons) and only to the smallest extent of ponderable matter.

2. All life processes in the organism are controlled by interaction quanta (photons), which are superordinate to matter.

3. The hierarchically structured layers of existence are interconnected via the biophoton field.
Refer here to Figure. Dimensions according to B. Heim:
1st to 6th dimension (= Minkowski space) and 7th to 12th dimension (= Kosyrev space).

4. Cells communicate via light (i.e. biophotons). The transfer of information in the cell takes place by way of so-called biological resonance effects. From a biophysical standpoint, these biological resonance effects form the basics for intra- and extracellular communication, the control of internal control loops.

Dr. Ludwig® summarized the practical significance of these scientific findings in the classic sentence:

“With the biophoton field we have a key which can also be
used for therapy!”

Biophotons – the light in our cells!

Research into biophotons (F.-A. POPP et al) provides important findings for further understanding of the function and operation of Bioinformative Medicine. The most important findings will be discussed in brief in the following.

Biophotons transmit energy and information and make life possible in the first place. Because they have zero mass, photons can attain light speed.
Measurements by POPP have shown that photon radiation is a coherent light of a higher order – a type of > biological laser light < which cannot arise by chance. This > biological laser light < is, thanks to its inherent order, able to create order itself and transmit information.

Biophotons – responsible for communication inside the organism

Fritz-Albert Popp proved in an experiment that two scavenger cells (phagocytes) one centimeter apart – but separated by a glass wall (!) – communicated with each other by means of biophotons. Cells give off a coherent biophoton wave. When two coherent waves of identical frequency meet each other, they recognize each other and the cells are attracted to each other. The cells, according to Popp, communicate at light speed with each other on the path of their coherence. The DNS is transmitter and receiver in the process.

Cell division, according to Popp, is triggered and controlled by the bio-photons. A single photon is sufficient here. In one cell there are in fact 100,000 reactions per second, but because one photon is able within one nanosecond to place a molecule in the excited state (and thus make it reactive) and back again, it can even trigger and control one thousand million reactions within one second.

Biophotons are particles and a wave at the same time – so-called light quanta. They ensure communication at light speed in the cell and between the cells (and organs). Biophotons – as carriers / transporters of energy and information – form as it were the > technical network < for the selfcontrol of the organism. They make life possible in the first place. According to POPP: “It is inconceivable that this communication occurs solely via chemical transmitters. All that remains is the electromagnetic field, in which the biophotons play a crucial role ...“

POPP again: “Communication of the cells through the coherent waves of the biophotons is not dependent on distance. The signal loses nothing on its path, the wave loses nothing of its information, regardless of how far the path may be.”

A similar position is taken by German physicist and biochemist Lebrecht von KLITZING, who states that the exchange of information between cells at least over further communication distances cannot be explained by ion shift (plus chain reaction). According to von KLITZING: “An efficient data transfer would be ensured by means of electric or electromagnetic fields” – i.e. biophotons.

And molecular biologist Roeland van Wijk writes: “Only through a coherent emission of energy does a piece of information simultaneously achieve each individual structure. Even when the sequence of individual cellular processes appears autonomous, this is adjusted with the overall system.(...) It is not the minimal metabolism which keeps the cell alive, but the coherence of the quanta emission which controls the occurrence in the protoplasm with the overall organization of metabolism regulation.”

Even Gunter M. Rothe, Professor of General Botany, is certain: “The electric field must both monitor and regulate all life processes. It must be the mechanism that results in holism, organization and continuity.”

To summarize:


* are light quanta of ultraweak cell radiation (1018 times weaker than daylight). Light quanta store and transport information / data at light speed – even on (body) water.
* ensure central biofunctions such as control and regulation of cell(s) and organs, growth and differentiation are based on short- and long-range electromagnetic couplings – the biophotons.
* control processes of regeneration, therapy and prophylaxis. A disruption and blockage of self-regulation and thus a therapy / regeneration and healing can be excited accordingly via the biophoton field.
* transmit bioinformation and ensure that such information is stored on (body) water, an aqueous solution, own blood, among others.

Bioinformative Medicine
– developed by Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig®

More and more chronically ill patients (suffering from chronic pains) are aware of the (sometimes serious) side effects of classic medicine, which is primarily based on the administering of drugs. These patients often only have limited confidence in classic medicine and are therefore looking for alternative therapeutic methods and procedures which are as free as possible from side effects. These people find an alternative in a medicine of modern natural remedies which views > health < and > illness < within the framework of a > complex regulation system <.

These modern natural remedies include among others all those procedures which work on the basis of bioinformation (i.e. electromagnetic vibrations). Another key term in this context is information medicine, the object of which is to influence the overall regulation of the organism and thus cell regulation.
Regardless of whether the term used is regulation, bioresonance or pulsating magneto-therapy, Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig® was one of the leading persons who paved the way for quantum medicine and thus information medicine. He has made an outstanding scientific contribution to the so-called > paradigm change in medicine <.

With his comprehensive spectroscopic measurements and his diverse research into the subject of “water and homeopathy”, Dr. Ludwig® delivered fundamental scientific findings on the function and operation of Bioinformative Medicine.

Two of his numerous scientific standard works are consequently entitled: > Informative Medicine < Causes of Illness / Treatment without Chemicals (1999 / out of print) and > Water and Homeopathy < The Importance of Water Structure as a Carrier of Information (2002).

Groundbreaking above all are his comprehensive frequency measurements of natural and artificial environmental signals and of homeopathic substances/bioinformation in conjunction with water and their transfer and storage on water. Numerous laboratory tests and complex double-blind studies on the effectiveness of artificially generated electromagnetic fields. With his biophysical research and development work, he has above all also laid the technical-practical foundations for modern device medicine for natural remedies.

Dr. Ludwig® was the first biophysicist in Germany to introduce to good effect findings from the field of quantum physics into the research and development of medical-technical devices – especially of pulsating magneto-therapy devices. Already by the mid-1970s he had begun intensive testing and by the start of the 1980s he had begun the series production of so-called small and hand-held devices (primarily for home use) as well as large and practice devices for professional-therapeutic applications.

Bioinformative Medicine works on the basis of artificially generated electromagnetic signals:

Pulsating magneto-therapy

As already shown in brief, one of the essential findings from quantum physics and biophoton research is the fact that our organism is made up for the most part of vibration quanta (photons) and only to a small extent of ponderable matter. The amount of matter only makes up 0.1 %! 99.9 % of our universe is made up of electromagnetic alternating fields!

We can therefore say:

Biophotons or electromagnetic alternating fields control all cell activities and form the basis of the bioenergetic (self-) regulation of our organism.

Therapy with pulsating electromagnetic signals (in short: pulsating magneto-therapy or also pulsating signal therapy / PST) works on the basis of interaction quanta. We can therefore also refer to biophoton therapy.

Because communication in our body takes place below the molecular level with the aid of electromagnetic signals, so-called “biophotons”. The basic substance is the central medium for controlling metabolism and detoxification processes. It functions as a “wireless information network” and controls each second through the exchange of biophotons at light speed over 100,000 vital functions of each individual cell (approx. 80 billion).

To summarize, we can say:

* Electromagnetic vibrations determine our lives!
* Electromagnetic interactions are the most elementary couplings which occur in living things
* Electromagnetic interactions transmit the information in our organism, in the cell
* Electromagnetic vibrations determine cell communication or more precisely cell regulation:

From this, we can deduce:

Magneto-therapy stimulates accordingly not material structures, but rather the “biofield” of an animal. Stimulation occurs through > biological resonance effects <.

What is essential in this respect, however, is that this artificially generated electromagnetic field is mimicked true to undisturbed nature and in the correct ratio. In this connection, three natural frequency spectra – we can also refer to them as > Biological Normals < - are as control pulses crucial for cell regulation.


Unique-position characteristics of AMS devices:
natural environmental signals - three Biological Normals

A significant part of Dr. Ludwig’s 30 years of research and development work was devoted to these three natural frequency spectra or > Biological Normals <:
Schumann-, geomagnetic- and solar-frequency spectra.

The “Schumann-frequency spectrum” denotes the natural resonances of the system of the Earth’s surface and ionosphere in the low-frequency range, the so-called YANG signal

The “geomagnetic-frequency spectrum” denotes the modulation of the Earth’s magnetic field by the natural frequencies of the 64 trace elements, the so-called YIN signal

The “solar-frequency spectrum” denotes the corresponding USW frequencies of natural sunlight.

natural magnetic fields

Figure: The three Biological Normals: Schumann-, geomagnetic- and
solar-frequency spectra

What is remarkable about these three natural signals is that Man in the course of his development has adapted to these three Biological Normals and needs them as control signals. (so do animals)
Today these natural signals are weakened and masked or disrupted by technical transmitters. This weakening is caused on the one hand by the screening effect of buildings and on the other hand by the lowering of the groundwater level compared with earlier and thus gives rise to reduced electrical ground conductance (e.g. pumping out of groundwater by business establishments, drainage, asphalting, etc.).

Biological Normals - YIN-YANG balance

The millennia-old, classical Chinese medicine was already aware of the fact that “Man needs at least two environmental signals, a Yang signal from above (Schumann frequencies) and a Yin signal from below (geomagnetic frequencies), which should be in equilibrium”.

Natural environmental signals

Schumann frequencies

The Earth’s surface is surrounded by the ionosphere at a height of approx. 100 km. Like in a musical instrument (e.g. violin), natural resonances occur in this huge cavity resonator. These natural resonances are known as Schumann frequencies after their discoverer, physicist W. O. Schumann (see Figure 1).
The fundamental component is 7.8 Hz. The main command center of the human brain, the hippocampus / hypothalamus, vibrates at the same frequency of 7.8 Hz; this area of the brain is important for attentiveness and concentration. Is this coincidence or evolution?

Geomagnetic frequencies

The Earth’s crust contains, among other things, 64 elements, the so-called “trace elements”, which are essential for life. Each of these trace elements has a characteristic vibration pattern. The Earth’s magnetic field absorbs this vibration pattern. The absorption of the vibration patterns is known as “modulation” and leads to rhythmic fluctuations of the Earth’s magnetic field. This modulated Earth’s magnetic field is called geomagnetic frequencies.

geomagnetic waves from the earths crust incorporated in AMS magnetic field therapy

Figure: Rhythmic fluctuations of the Earth’s magnetic field

The Earth’s crust contains the same minerals essential for life (“trace elements”) as are found in the red blood corpuscles of human beings. (and animals) The ratio between them is virtually the same.

Solar frequencies

A third natural source of important signals is our Sun. The Sun emits not only light in the visible range, but also a wide spectrum of low frequencies well into the ultraviolet and X-ray ranges.
In particular, it is the frequencies in the ultra-short wave range of this spectrum which resonate with the cellular building blocks in the organism.
For the USW frequency range there is an optical window in the atmosphere just like the one for visible light. For each visible frequency in window I (see below) there are corresponding frequencies in window II (see below), which are referred to as solar frequencies.

Figure: The two “atmospheric windows” for electromagnetic radiation.

For electromagnetic radiation of most wavelengths the Earth’s atmosphere is practically impenetrable, except for two zones: one lies in the range of visible light, the “optical window”, and the other lies in the range of radiofrequency radiation, the “radio window” (according to König, 1977).

Physiological quality characteristics of AMS devices:

Magnetic field strength, pulse shape, frequency modulation,
individual frequency setting, automatic frequency programs

Physiological quality characteristics of a pulsating electromagnetic field are crucial to its effectiveness on the intracellular space in terms of the > biological resonance phenomenon <.
The three > Biological Normals < are, in addition to the > magnetic field strength <, the > pulse shape < and the correct frequency, the quality characteristics crucial to the physiological effectiveness of a pulsating magnetic-field device. Because the organism only “understands” signals which are with regard to magnetic field strength in the range of the > physiological response threshold < – in the so-called “ADEY window” or “biological window”. The pulse shape of the artificially generated electromagnetic therapy signals should – in the truest sense of the word – absolutely be of a physiological nature.

According to Dr. Ludwig’s research findings, unphysiological therapy signals (e.g. so-called “square-wave signals” or “saw-tooth signals”) permanently place a negative strain (“permanent stress”) on the organism – particularly in older people.

The magnetic-field devices developed by Dr. Ludwig® generate an electromagnetic signal which is modeled on nature. With regard to the time characteristic, it corresponds in signal shape to the pulse routing of our nervous system. These so-called “action potentials” are characterized by a rapid rise and a slow fall of the individual pulse.

The individual > technical quality characteristics < are explained in brief in the following:

Magnetic field strength

With his scientific work, the American neurophysiologist Prof. Dr. W. Ross Adey, demonstrated that:

Electromagnetic signals only have a physiological effect (i.e. stimulation of the biophoton field with the aid of biological resonance effects) when they reach the organism’s so-called “physiological response threshold”.

Dr. Adey arrived at this conclusion in the course of his research experiments. While varying the frequency and intensity, he measured the influence of a pulsating magnetic field on the amount of Ca 2+ flowing into the cells of chicken eggs (physiological effect).

To his amazement, Dr. Adey ascertained:

In order to achieve a measurable physiological effect, a certain basic intensity of the applied magnetic field was required (the organism’s response threshold had to be reached). But once a certain maximum was exceeded (“ADEY window”), any further increase in intensity (amplitude) caused a reduction and finally termination of the effect.

adey window in relation to magnetic field therapy

Figure: The “Adey window” (or also “biological window”) is the name given to the narrow signalintensity and frequency bands in which the organism responds, but outside of which nothing happens.

(For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned here that only one maximum is shown as an example in the diagram. However, there are certainly further frequencies which trigger off physiological effects.)

Based on the findings of Prof. Ross Adey, the magnetic-field devices developed by Dr. Ludwig work with very weak fields. These are generally referred to as “soft magnetic fields”. Depending on the type of device, the magnetic field strength only lies between 0.1 and 60 microteslas. Because:

When it comes to soft magnetic fields, as in homeopathy, the dose-effect principle based on the maxim: “More is better!” or: “Strong pulsating magnetic fields help better!” does NOT apply.

Soft magnetic fields and strong magnetic fields work on the basis of completely different physical principles (see figure below).

Devices which work with strong electromagnetic fields are based on the principle of so-called Lorentz or electrodynamic force (force which acts on a moving charge carrier in a magnetic field), where, among others, the following applies: the stronger the magnetic field, the greater the force (compare with the dose-effect principle).

The AMS devices achieve their effect NOT according to the principle of “LORENTZ FORCE” but instead according to the principle of "FARADAY’S LAW OF INDUCTION” (see figure).

Figure: LORENTZ force on moving charge carriers and FARADAY’s law of induction

In other words: the effectiveness is only dependent on the included area and on the periodic changes in the (electro-)magnetic flux – BUT NOT ON THE INTENSITY / STRENGTH of the magnetic field generated.

Since the periodic changes in the electromagnetic flux are thus assigned special significance, the shape or the time characteristic of the magnetic-field pulse is also a very important quality characteristic.

Pulse shape

There are a number of possible pulse shapes (“saw tooth”, “square wave”, “sinusoidal”), some of which are even protected by patents.

The signal shape used by the magnetic-field devices developed by Dr. rer. nat. W. LUDWIG® corresponds in its time characteristic to the signal shape which can be observed when pulses are relayed in the natural nervous system (see figure).

pulse shape magnetic field therapy by AMS device

Figure: Signal shape corresponds in its time characteristic to the relaying of pulses in the nervous system

The characteristic features of this pulse shape (known in biology as “action potential”) are the extremely fast rise (approx. 1 microsecond) and the slightly slower fall. As a result of the fast rise, there is an extremely high periodic change in the magnetic flux, which according to FARADAY’S LAW OF INDUCTION (see figure) ensure great effectiveness even though only a weak magnetic field is being used.

Pulsating magnetic fields – low- and high-frequency bands

Our devices ensure “wide-band” application in that they work on the basis of weak, fast-changing electromagnetic fields in the low- and high-frequency bands (depending on the device type and applicator in the harmonics up to 10 MHz).

Frequency modulation –
optimum frequency programs and setting

In conjunction with the three Biological Normals, the AMS devices guarantee a highly complex frequency spectrum. The choice and setting of individual frequencies and automatic frequency programs (depending on the device type with further possibilities for phase, amplitude and frequency modulation, regulation of the magnetic field strength) guarantee an optimum treatment concept.

Together with several thousand users, Dr. Ludwig® has empirically found specific frequency programs for a large number of medical conditions. Naturally, in addition to the listed frequency programs, all other (individually tested) individual frequencies can be set.

Modulation – transmission and storage of exogenous and endoge-nous bioinformation

Exogenous and endogenous bioinformation can be transmitted and stored by means of the pulsating magnetic field. The pulsating magnetic field acts as a carrier wave and is modulated (see figure below).

In our large devices, bioresonance therapies, endogenous information therapies and appropriate expulsion therapies can also be conducted with the aid of a pair of hand electrodes (or animal applicators).

pulse shape modulated with geomagnetic frequencies true to the earth's natural signals

Figure: The red line symbolizes the correspondingly modulated bioinformation.

In the figure, the red line symbolizes the correspondingly modulated bio-information. The pulsating magnetic field becomes as it were the means of transport into the organism. The advantage: because the carrier signal is electromagnetic, the intracellular space is also supplied with the corresponding control signals or bioinformation.

The spectra of the most important 64 trace elements and the so-called solar frequencies are also transmitted in the same way.

Electrical signals (see, for example, conventional “zappers”) only partly reach the inside of the cell because cells, on account of their double-membrane structure, behave like small “Faraday” cages.

Furthermore, an input cup / MEDICUP for exogenous information therapy (e.g. transient effect of homeopathic substances, substrates occurring naturally in the body, allergens, nosodes, Bach flower remedies, phyto-therapies, spagyrica, etc.) can be connected. These items of exogenous bioinformation are modulated to the set carrier frequency.

Herein lies the fundamental difference from therapy using electrical fields (e.g. so-called “zappers”), which only have an extracellular effect, and other assorted bioresonance devices, which work purely on a radionic basis or with orgone emitters.

The AMS devices work on the basis of a weak electromagnetic field (Faraday principle), which satisfies all the physiological-technical quality characteristics - and everything is technically verifiable.

Physiological quality characteristics – scientific studies of the effectiveness of electromagnetic fields

Dr. W. Ludwig® and Prof. W. R. Adey have demonstrated in further fundamental research work the influence of electromagnetic fields.

W. R. Adey in the following fields:

* Immune systems (e.g. activity of T lymphocytes)
* Fetal development during pregnancy
* Receptors on cell membranes
* Cell growth and its regulation
* Reciprocal influences of brain functions and hormone production, especially in the pineal body

Dr. W. Ludwig® as early as 1976 in the form of double-blind studies (2600 patients!) in the following fields:

* Chronic headaches
* Migraines
* Rheumatic pains
* Scar pains
* Insomnia
* Travel sickness
* Nervousness
* Weakness / exhaustion
* Circulatory disorders
* Foehn sickness
* Other vegetative disorders

An English study was conducted in 2001 by Nicolò Pipitone and David L. Scott Rheumatology Department, King’s College Hospital (Dulwich), London SE22 8PT, on the following subject:

> Magnetic Pulse Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study < King’s College Hospital, East Dulwich Grove, London SE22 8PT, UK.

What does pulsating magneto-therapy bring about?

Pulsating magneto-therapy is, like homeopathy, an information therapy and is therefore superordinate to allopathic therapy with matter. The combination of pulsating magneto-therapy and bioinformation (homeopathic substances / nosodes / Bach flower remedies and the like) has proven to be particularly effective in practice. This is because, on the one hand, the magnetic field penetrates unhindered into the inside of the cell and, on the other hand, the electromagnetic signal can be used as the carrier frequency or means of transport/information carrier for bioinformation. From a technical standpoint, the frequency spectra of bioinformation are “modulated up” to the electromagnetic carrier frequency and relayed accordingly. A distinction is made between exogenous (originating outside the body) and endogenous (originating inside the body) bioinformation. This can be among others: homeopathic substances, Bach flower remedies, nosodes in the form of exogenous and endogenous substrates (such as blood, urine, saliva, operation matter).

Remark / definition: The term “nosodes” (from the Greek for “disease”) refers to homeopathically prepared substances which are produced from “diseased” or pathological material such as blood, pus, pathogens or cancer cells. Products from endogenous constituents, such as cells from organs, or secretions or excretions manufactured by the body, such as hormones, are also included.

The therapeutic function of magneto-therapy lies in the fact that the self-healing forces are excited via harmonics, i.e. the person’s “biofield” is stimulated. Stimulation is achieved by means of so-called > biological resonance effects <.

Magneto-therapy brings about an increased supply of oxygen to cells, increased cell metabolism and thus also detoxification.
Magneto-therapy leads to an increase in physical and mental capability and in a harmonization of the vegetative nervous system. It encourages circulation of the blood and results in stabilized circulation. Pulsating magneto-therapy can therefore be used and applied equally in the fields of prophylaxis, regeneration and therapy!

In what areas is magneto-therapy used?

Pulsating magneto-therapy is, among other things, especially suitable for strengthening the immune system in the event of infections and metabolism-related allergies, for relieving pain and for activating the hormone balance and the associated physical and mental wellbeing. We know that so-called “systemic illnesses” are in clear proportion to growing environmental pollution. Our organism is being increasingly subjected to environmental toxins, stress and electrosmog. Every day our organism is confronted with contaminants from air, soil and water. Personal contaminants in the psychosocial field such as stress, worry, grief and inner emptiness can easily be added to this list, as can an unbalanced, incorrect diet or the constant taking of painkillers and sleeping pills. These can cause acute and chronic illnesses, such as e.g. allergies, skin infections, psychosomatic disorders, migraines, rheumatic and arthritic pain and fungal infections. Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig’s pulsating magneto-therapy has proven a great success in all these areas.

AMS GmbH’s large and practice devices have a so-called “Device setting list”,

which features a large number of program and frequency settings for all kinds of healing treatments. (in animals)

Incidentally: magneto-therapy is also a detoxification therapy. It is therefore always necessary after a therapy to drink plenty of water that is low in minerals so that the avalanche of contaminants that occurs can be disposed of. Magneto-therapy “suppresses interference” and harmonizes as it were our organism and provides day and night for our “biological normal”.

Magneto-therapy can also be referred to as “electronic homeopathy”; not just because it is free from side effects, but also due to the fact that both therapy procedures work on the level of interaction quanta, the energy and information levels, which are superordinate to matter. Chemistry, on the other hand, works on the lowest, i.e. allopathic, level.

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