AMS Hand Held Magnetic Field Therapy
for use with animals

Our small- and hand held devices are being used with great appreciation as animal treatment all over the world. Whether in a veterinarian practice or as home therapy device, for small or large animals, our small- and hand held devices deliver!
Animals respond very well to a well balanced bioenergetic program.

All small- and hand held devices are powered by standard batteries which are included, come fitted in the device and are easy to replace. Depending on the type the durability is between 3 months and one year, even when used daily.

Our small- and hand held devices are robust, hard wearing, maintenance-free, handy and easy to use. Non of them is bigger than a packet of cigarettes. All devices are supplied with comprehensive operating instructions.

Satisfaction is guaranteed
Our small- and hand held devices (Item# AMS102 to AMS107) come with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Some simple conditions apply.


Colour and Magnetic Field - Combined!
Bio-energetic power throught the power of colour.

MEDICUR® color is a color-magnetic-field-device for the pocket, which is used by a lot of color-therapists and veterinarians in their practice as well as private individuals at home.
MEDICUR® color combines seven solar frequency spectra with the pulsating magnetic field. Through the function-button you can choose a single or a combination of the seven colors.

New: An individual program-setting of the therapy-time is possible. Color is an important aspect just like nutrition, water and air. Each color has its frequency and each frequency has an biological effect on the physical and psychic regulation of the organism. The color-therapy
has a high significance on the treatment of psychosomatic existential orientation and disturbances. Check out the COLOR-Light page for the effects of colours. (velco strap, ampoule-holder and 3 glass-ampoules are in the scope of delivery)

Physiological reach: approx. 40 cm (approx. 80 cm in diameter)
Weight: approx. 118 g
Size: 25x76x110 mm

Price $1048 incl GST (+ $20 insured postage Australia wide)
Item #AMS104
Satisfaction Guarantee



All-round well-being through solar frequencies.
The new Zapper generation.

METRONOM solar is the only pocket magnetic field instrument in the world with an automatic basic programme and a further four single frequency programme's.

METRONOM solar with its automatic “sun“ program and solar frequencies. It takes care of your well-being in a natural way.
The further four programme's enable it to be used individually and to suit your personal situation for e.g. treating lack of energy, restlessness, lack of concentration, relaxation, electro-sensitivity.


"Relaxation": Electro-sensitivity, deep relaxation, "Nogier-frequency"

"Soothing": Restlessness, relaxation, sleeplessness
"Equalizing/Stabilising": Lack of concentration or attention, weather-dependent, jetlag, energizing hydrous foods and liquids
"Stimulation": Lack of interest and strength, lack of energy, fitness
Scan 1000Hz to 1Hz repeating. Harmonics up to 10Mhz
"Basic Bio-Energetic": Stabilisation, harmonisation of the organism and vegetative nervous system respectively

METRONOM solar with its five programme's belongs to the new generation of Zappers.
It reaches (in contrast to conventional zappers) the inter-cellular region with its physiological magnetic field. METRONOM solar runs through all the frequencies from Hulda CLARK and Royal RIFE, USA.
(Velcro strap, ampoule-holder and 3 glass-ampoules are in the scope of delivery)

Physiological reach: approx. 40 cm (approx. 80 cm in diameter)
Weight: 108 g
Size: 25x76x110 mm

Price $898 incl GST (+ $20 insured postage Australia wide)
Item #AMS103


metronom solar hand held magnetic field therapy


with storage location for a BIOWAVE!

The METRONOM C belongs to the new „C-generation“. It is the only pocket magnetic-field instrument in the whole world with five program and a storage location for bioinformation. Its technology is based on the METRONOM solar. (for frequencies benefits see Metronom Solar)

The METRONOM C possesses an additional storage location for so-called BIOWAVES*. It can be connected with a „PD“-connector to one of our practice-systems of the „C-generation“. (MEDISEND® super III / MEDISEND® super C / WAVE TRANSFER C) and can be „loaded“ with bioinformation. Bioinformation can be homeopathic substances, nosodes, Bach flower remedies, nosodes. If required the accordant bioinformation can be modulated on the frequency-progams (1,2 Hz / 3,0 Hz / 7,8 Hz / 33 Hz / automatic
frequency-scan 1000 Hz to 1 Hz) and can be played-back over and over again. The loaded bioinformation can also be deleted of cause, and if required switched-on and off by the user.
The METRONOM C can be integrated into your veterinarian practice-concept easily. As an additional service-offering it can be an ideal instrument for complementary home-use! (Detailed information of the C-generation you can find under How is Works)

Physiological reach: approx. 40 cm (approx. 80 cm in diameter)
Weight: 119 g
Size: 25x76x110 mm

Price $1048 (+ $20 insured postage Australia wide)
Item #AMS107

metronom C hand held magnetic field therapy


Medicur magnetic field pain therapy


Mobile Pain therapist

Has three programme's. With these you can ease pains smoothly and effectively. For treatments of head- and joint-pains, general arteriosclerosis, foehn and lack of concentration. MEDICUR® increases the physical and mental power and gets back energy, well-being, and vitality in a natural way. Something practical to maintain health anywhere anytime.
It switches off after 10 minutes.
(Velcro strap, ampoule-holder and 3 glass-ampoules are in the scope of delivery).

Physiological reach: approx. 40 cm (approx. 80 cm in diameter)
Weight: 106 g
Size: 25x76x110 mm

Price $598 incl GST (+ $20 insured postage Australia wide)
Item #AMS104



The 'Little Ludwig' - Our best seller
Animals are just like people!
They too will feel fit and well.

The MEDISEND is the smallest magnetic field device in the world and owners call it lovingly 'the little Ludwig'. It has been available for over 30 years. It can be used very beneficially with small animals by placing it under their bedding or hanging it of their collar. Good to improve the general well being and energetic capacity (for example after an operation). With the nine preset frequencies you always find the right one.
MEDISEND comes with an extra back plate so the device has an ampoule holder on the side to incorporate substrate transients into the magnetic field (eg homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedy's etc). It has a 30min automatic deactivation which can be turned off for continues operation. Perfect if you wish to leave it with your animal for longer periods of time.

1.2Hz good for shielding against electromagnetic pollution and deep dreamless sleep
3Hz & 4Hz restlessness, insomnia, nervous tension, stress. A good setting for at night.
7.8Hz and 8.2Hz Lack of concentration, inattentiveness and can be used to energize liquids.
10hz & 12 Hz Day use, general well being, weather sensitivity, travel sickness.
20Hz & 33Hz tiredness, low energy, fatigue and exhaustion.

Physiological reach of the magnetic field: 30cm (60cm diameter)
Weight: 52g
Size: 50x66x15mm (without the ampoule holder)

Price $489 incl GST (+ $20 insured postage Australia wide)
Item #AMS102

More information on the Medisend at


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