AMS Magnetic Field Therapy Accessories
How to make your treatment of animals easier or more effective

You have decided to help your animals with stimulating their self healing reactions with one of our practice devices. To customize your system to your specific situation and preferences we have a range of tools available to you.

AMS Color-Light Photon Colour Therapy device

AMS Color-Light Photon Colour Therapy device

AMS Color-Light Photon Colour Therapy device


Bio Photons & Colour Therapy
Stand alone or interlinked with AMS Practice devices for amazing integration

World-Wide unique:
Light and Colour is modulated by the spectra of the 64 Trace Elements!


...Delivers the energy the organism needs in certain regulation situations through light and colours! a manageable investment which upgrades your service-offer crucially, but still minimizes your cost. You cannot make a more attractive offer in the field of prophylaxis, regeneration, wellness and stimulation.
...can be interlinked with the performance-functions of an AMS practice device for added abilities and effectiveness.

Connect light and colour of the COLOR-Light with the multi functionality of your AMS-practice device (now or later) and get unexpected synergetic effects:
- Photon Therapy
- Plus pulsating magnetic field
- Plus approved naturopathic treatment
- Light and colour
- Bio informative stimulation / Transfer of endogenous and exogenous bio information
- Chiropractic and massage

Price: Price was AU$4799, now AU$3990 incl GST
(AU$3627.30 ex GST)
plus delivery.
Item # AMS550

CLICK HERE for our COLOR-Light review page with all the information about the COLOR-Light, Bio Photon and Colour Therapy and the Effects of colours.

Multitalented! Red-Light-Laser - Magnetic Field Therapy - Substrate transient response.
Self Healing Stimulation to the power of three!
Not just a red light.

This should be easily accessible to every vet and animal carer. Stimulates self healing like no red light has done before.

Available with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Price AU$898 incl GST + postage
Item# AMS105

Purchase a CEPES-Laser right now

Or contact us to place your order with possible accessories and we can tell you about the expected delivery time.  

CEPES-Laser Vario

Connect the CEPES-Laser Vario to your AMS practice device and have the laser light modulated with the pulses of the practice device.

Price: AU$ 1048 incl gst + Postage


Adaptor for older BLACK CEPES-Laser

This is available as a spare part as it is already included with your CEPES-Laser purchase. Handy if you wish to have some clean once available between patients after contacting skin, fur, in the ears, nose or mouth.

Price no longer available

MEDICUP – ingenious

MEDICUP is a two-pole medicinal beaker which only picks up approx. 1 % of electromagnetic pollution. You are therefore getting a hundred times higher signal transmission quality and storage. An overwhelming result!
The inside of the MEDICUP consists of two separate half beakers manufactured from a special aluminium alloy (Registered design No. 398 29 987). The MEDICUP is handcrafted in a complicated process.

With a MEDICUP attached to your practice device you can incorporate in the magnetic field (and apply directly to every cell within it's field) the frequencies of whatever you put into the MEDICUP. This could be homeopathic's, flower or other remedies. Also Nosodes and liquids from the patient, eg blood, saliva, nasal mucus, urine, tears, earwax etc, can be transmitted as information to bring the signal more in resonance with the bodies signals in the area you wish to address.

Required for use of the WAVETRANSFER and highly recommended for use with practice devices.


Approx 140mm tall, diameter approx 55mm
Item # AMS502

Price: AU$ 548


Approx 70mm tall, diameter approx 55mm
Item # AMS501

Price: AU$ 608


For application with small animals up to horses or for the whole body in humans. Magnetic field is produce through 9 iron cores for a superior quality magnetic field and increased resonance with the body. (already included with the MEDISEND SUPER III)
Item # AMS505

Price: AU$ 1048 incl gst (AU$ 718.20 ex GST)

animal applicator magnetic field therapy

animal applicator magnetic field therapy

Pair of Animal Applicators
Structure-modified area-electrode particularly for the veterinarian application for endogenous and exogenous information-therapy.

These applicators have a double function! First of all they are applicators with 3 iron cores to produce the magnetic field. Their therapeutic field is similar to the Magneto-Loop. It comes with a splitter plug, allowing you to connect both applicators to one output port on your practice device. (in case of a MediSend Super III you then still have another available for use of a Magneto-Ring at the same time). They can then be placed on/attached to the animal.
Secondly, they can also be used as receivers! They then need to be placed symmetrically on the body to pick up signals from the animal. These signals are then used to align the signals of the practice device with the signals of the body to increase the resonance effect, the recognition of the signal and therefore the effectiveness of the therapy.

Length approx. 2900mm

Price: AU$ 498 incl gst
Item # AMS509


length of cable approx. 2800mm
Loop diameter approx 130mm

Price: AU$ 698 incl gst


For the treatment of acupuncture- and trigger-points.
Cable length approx. 2900mm

Price: no longer available
Item # AMS508

Pair of Hand Electrodes

Including connection cable. (cable length approx 2000mm)

Price: AU$ 328 incl gst
Item # AMS503


For treatment of small areas particularly neural-therapy, on single joints or with deep discomfort.
Item # AMS504

Price: AU$ 148 incl gst

Pair of Extension cables
for animal-applicator

cable length approx. 2900mm

Price: on application
Item# AMS518

saddle bag for magnetic field therapy AMS

Safety Horse Pad

"Saddlebag" designed by Dr. A. Querengasser - for MediSend Super, Super C & Super III
Holds your practice device in place, complete with your MediCup in place, whilst your patient can relax and walk around during the treatment.

Price: on application
Item# AMS540

Glass ampoules for CEPES-Laser, MediCup, Wave Transfer C and MediSend for signal transmission.

50 Glass Ampoules with lid's
Size: Approx 10mm wide and 35mm long plus about 1.5mm of the edge of the lid.

Price: AU$ 35 incl gst
Item# AMS517